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“I find Cheryl to be almost letter perfect...and she's perfect for me. That is, she's smart, creative, pleasant, clear, flexible and affordable. She functions for my backyard as both designer and master contractor. She has a key to my house and handles all the sub-contractors...i find her to be among the best I've ever worked with.”
-Cool Pool client, Washington, DC

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A Cool Pool

This client purchased a row house adjacent to his residence to accommodate his expanding business. Two neglected gardens needed to merge and be renovated to suit frequent business functions. An outdated swimming pool nearly filled one of the yards. The other held an assortment of trees, decking, and uneven brick paving. Tenuous stockade fencing surrounded the sunken gardens, located near the U.S. Capitol.

The new space had to reflect the minimal, contemporary style of the renovated residence and look good at night. When not in use, the pool had to serve as a large decorative water feature and not seem like an off-limits recreational element. The client’s contemporary art collection inspired the commissioning of a sculpture that would be highly visible from indoors. Simple geometric forms kept the garden uncluttered, as well as a neutral color palette accentuated only by the bright red sculpture, apple green chairs, and flowering plants appearing sequentially through the seasons.

Combining two sets of entry stairs made room for new pool equipment in one corner. A raised planter and waterfall was built along one side of the pool to create a new cross axis through the joined spaces. A 7 ft. high dark gray cedar fence was installed atop a new perimeter retaining wall faced with dark bluestone. The dark color enhances the feeling of enclosure and makes an excellent backdrop for the sculpture, furniture and foliage. Two foot square pavers set on a diagonal help maintain a feeling of spaciousness. Textured steel stairs stay true to the contemporary feeling of the new garden, as do fiber optic lighting and LED spot lights.

Pool: Pool Service Company
Sculpture: Aaron Kramer, Urban Objects, Santa Monica, Calif.
Fencing: BrattleWorks, Cambridgåe, Mass.
Specialty plants: Sandy’s Plants, Richmond, Va.
Keyless lock: Keyless Entry Locks, Naperville, Ill.

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