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"As a first-time homeowner, I suffered from "fear of gardening." Cheryl's collaborative style, warmth, and sense of humor put me on the road to recovery. Not to mention that her knowledge and talent helped turn my garden into a wonderful place. An adventure in fertilizer and friendship!"
- KF, Capitol Hill

Why Hire A Designer?

Professional designers think of solutions that simply never would have occurred to you. They find creative ways to maximize your available space, and help determine how to economically phase a larger undertaking. Costly trial and error is virtually eliminated. A good designer will unlock your site's hidden potential and identify important issues to address earlier in your project rather than later, saving time and resources down the line. A responsive designer will produce an outdoor space that reflects your sensibilities while considering the technical, ecological and aesthetic issues for which they've been professionally trained.

Your design professional's horticultural expertise will guarantee that the right plants wind up in the right place - the first time. And plantings will work well years after installation because the design has taken future growth into account. Future maintenance will suit your needs because your designer has taken your requirements into account.

Your design will be conveyed in detailed printed and electronic scale drawings and plant lists useful for your own future record keeping. It will comply with applicable building and environmental codes. And once your project is designed, you will be able to tap into your designer's network of skilled and licensed contractors for implementation. Having accurate drawings means that contractors will be able to create accurate bids, reducing instances of cost overruns during construction.

Having a designer work for you to oversee construction means your project is built on schedule, contractors aren't stepping on each other's toes, and your design is implemented as intended. You and your contractors will appreciate having the guesswork taken out of decisions that must be made during construction when your designer is available to troubleshoot issues that may arise.

Landscape design projects can be significant financial and emotional investments. There's a lot to be said for having an experienced, understanding, articulate professional guide you through the process, representing your interests. Done this way, the rewards are often greater than you may have anticipated.

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